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With any business comes a disclaimer and Auto Check of South Florida is no exception.

Our Automotive Inspection and Vehicle Appraisal Disclaimer

This inspection and the opinions expressed are exactly that, opinions. Many parts perform perfectly until the moment of failure. Failure may occur suddenly and without warning. The inspector and/or all parties relative to the compilation of this report cannot accept liability for failures, which may occur after the inspection is completed. By accepting this report, the consumer acknowledges that the inspector and/or all parties relative to the compilation of this report, cannot be held responsible for any and all alleged vehicle defects, and further, the consumer releases and holds harmless the inspector and/or all parties relative to the compilation of this report from any and all further claims on this vehicle. No warranty for this vehicle is implied or given by the inspector and/or all parties relative to the compilation of this report. In each case, the consumer has the opportunity to see the car in person before he or she buys the car. Buying this car based on this report alone is completely at the consumers' own risk.

Auto Check of South Florida provides a visual inspection of the vehicle. That statement is not meant to imply that we warranty the vehicle. The inspector does not move, remove or reposition anything during the inspection process. We simply give you a good visual report on the vehicle. No warranty is implied or given. It is up to the buyer and/or seller to provide a lift to inspect the underside. A jack and jack stands are NOT acceptable. The seller and/or buyer must also provide a well-lit area for the inspection to take place with ample room for the inspector to perform his/her job.

We are dealing with vehicles that are 40 years old or older in many cases. If you contract for an inspection you must understand that the inspector will NOT find everything wrong on a particular vehicle. If a vehicle has a leak that is not constant (often called seeping,) the inspector might not detect it. He will not find every problem on a vehicle. Often these vehicles have far more Bondo in them than can be detected in a visual inspection. What this service should be used for is to make sure that a vehicle that is advertised as being in No. 2 condition is not in fact a No. 4 condition vehicle. In other words, the inspector will help to determine if you are buying a vehicle that was grossly misrepresented based on its condition class and purchase price. (See the definition of condition classes at the end of your report). The appraisal fee is based on the inspectors' written/typed report and digital pictures. Auto Check of South Florida is determining the appraisal based the inspectors' report and pictures.

The inspector simply inspects the vehicle. We do not counsel the buyer. We do not make recommendations on whether to buy a vehicle. As in all cases, the buyer makes his or her own decision on whether to buy a vehicle. We suggest that the best way to use the Inspection Service is to have us look at a vehicle and issue the report. Then if the vehicle seems to be what was represented to you by the seller, make a final inspection of the vehicle yourself, prior to purchasing the vehicle. We do not warrant the condition of any vehicle. That means we will be happy to look at the vehicle to see if there are any visible problems, but we are not providing any guarantees or warranties on the vehicle.

Understand in advance that if you buy a vehicle and you find something wrong with the vehicle after your purchase, we will NOT reimburse any expenses that you are charged to fix the vehicle. This is not a mechanical warranty. Auto Check of South Florida, or its affiliates, inspectors, or their contractors related to the inspection, will NOT reimburse you for any repairs, mechanical failures or bodywork you have done after the purchase of a vehicle.

The inspection reports show the areas of the vehicle, which are visually looked at in the report. The report covers only those areas. Do not assume that the inspector will inspect anything other than the areas covered by the report form.

The contents of this report will tell you what the Inspector finds at the time of the inspection. Please understand that after the Inspector leaves the vehicle we are not in control of what might occur to the vehicle, nor do we have control of parts that may be on the vehicle at the time of the inspection, but taken off or switched later.


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